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February 2019

European migration policy and the rise of populism

Matteo Salvini in Italy, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Jaroslaw Kaczynski in Poland, Sebastian Kurz in Austria, Andrej Babiš in Czech Republic. All can be qualified as ‘right-wing populists’. Behind the word, a common vision: to embody the will of the people - the so-called ‘silent majority’- while rejecting minority groups, especially migrants. Focus on the consequences of rising populism on European migration policy and the initiatives to counter it.

European solidarity put to the test by burgeoning xenophobia

As some European political leaders adopted speeches and political measures openly hostile to refugees and migrants, xenophobia is spreading all over the EU, therefore potentially affecting the upcoming May European Parliament elections. Is a common European policy on immigration and asylum still an option? What about European solidarity?
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"If we are to succeed in eliminating populism and defeating populists, cities must speak directly to their citizens"

The German city of Dresden belongs to several networks of European cities supporting the reception of migrants and refugees. For a few years now, the city has been developing action plans to promote hospitality and to tackle anti-immigration views. Meet Dirk Hilbert, Dresden’s Mayor.
The other impact of the 2015 crisis: unprecedented mass mobilisation - Vues d'Europe

The other impact of the 2015 crisis: unprecedented mass mobilisation

Even if less media-exposed than anti migrants and anti-refugees speeches and measures, civil society actions grew significantly in the EU since the 2015 ‘refugee crisis’. Overview of these solidarity initiatives.
Europe divided about the adoption of the Global Compact for Migration - Vues d'Europe

Europe divided about the adoption of the Global Compact for Migration

The UN’s Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration was adopted last December in spite of a few European States’ objections. Analysis of a controversy highlighting the growing influence of European populist rhetoric on a global scale.

Migration and the rise of populism: how closely related are they?

Oliviero Angeli, lecturer of political theory at the University of Dresden and scientific coordinator of the Mercator Forum on Migration and Democracy (MIDEM).
"Did migration contribute to the recent rise of right-wing populism in Europe? At first glance, the question seems trivial. For most right-wing populist parties in Europe put the immigration issue on the top of their agenda exploiting anxieties over cultural disintegration and rising crime"

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How many European countries voted against the Global Compact for Migration?369

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